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Securing Vista Part 2: NTL, Telewest, Virgin.net and now Virgin Media

Well it seems NTL, Telewest & Virgin.Net have all joined forces and are now Virgin Media this happened after ntl:Telewest purchased Vigrin Mobile for £1 billion last year and have chosen to merge under the stronger brand. Virgin Media offer cable & ADSL broadband, land & mobile phone, cable and mobile TV (using the HTC Monet)

Virgin Media are offering a free security system much as the same as NTL did with the ntl NetGuard called PCGuard

As you may have guessed by look at the screen shot, PCGuard and NetGuard are the same product made by Radial Point.

They also aren’t hidding the fact it’s not ready for Vista yet with this nice and large disclaimer at the bottom of the page, that reads,

“* PCguard is only available to Virgin Broadband customers, and can only be used on PCs using Windows XP, or Windows 2000. It will soon be compatible with Windows Vista, but if you are running Windows Vista, please do not install PCguard for now, and check back soon. “

So I’m going to be checking back soon when it’s ready for Vista, i’ll try it and let you know how I get on.


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